Rita Serano

healthiest donuts I can imagine

This is really not a recipe, just some cutting and decorating. But it is the best thing to eat if you or your child wants a treat. I have done this several times with my girl and her class. It is healthy and such a fun thing to do, you can make it to your own liking! All you need is some sauce to stick your decorations to your apple, an apple corer and loads of delicious toppings.

How to

Just core an apple and slice it horizontally once or (if you have a large apple) twice. Now you have your apple donut.
Put on some coconut yoghurt, nut butter, jam, peanut butter etc.
Now get ready to decorate your apple donut! Possible decorations are:

  • dried fruit and pieces or raisins
  • Superfood powder like acai
  • Fresh berries
  • mini popcorn made from quinoa or amaranth
  • chopped nuts
  • desiccated coconut or coconut flakes
  • cacao nibs
  • granola
  • (dried) edible flowers

You get the idea, just make it as you want and turn yourself into a donut artist!

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healthiest donuts I can imagine
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