Rita Serano

French pea soup with cashew cream

The last time I was in France, I made this pea gorgeous soup with cashew cream. So easy and fast to make!

Just sauté a finely sliced medium leek and a chopped onion for a couple of minutes in either coconut oil or water (for a oil free version).


  • Add 400 grams of fresh peas (or frozen will work too)
  • add some salad leaves (to make a typical french version)
  • add 400 ml of vegetable stock (that can be made with the shells of fresh peas)
  • add some salt and freshly ground pepper

Bring to a boil and let simmer for 5 minutes and blend until smooth. You can also add fresh spinach, asparagus, some leftover potato or mint for variations. Taste and add seasoning if necessary. Serve with cashew cream.

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